Thursday, December 27, 2007

A Perfect Day To Begin Blogging!

I have been thinking about starting this blog for a long time now. I have been waiting for some inspiration and time to get some postings together... to get off to a strong start. I think what held me back most, was what to name my blog. This is so much more than just a name, but an identity and a direction for the blog. My husband recently has gained a strong interest in photography, and while he's been photographing dinner for a long time, food seemed to be a great subject for him to practice on. This became an exciting project we can do together.
In my professional life I teach baking and pastry at a culinary school, but there seems to be a huge gap between cooking professionally, in a professional kitchen, and cooking at home for yourself and loved ones. It's a whole different world to entertain and throw a dinner party for 8 than it is to spend a night working the dinner shift in a professional kitchen. I come from a family who likes food and does cook, but I didn't have anyone to learn from so I don't really have a lot of family recipes and traditions to draw from. Part of my starting this blog is to journal my experiments in the kitchen and to create my own dishes and traditions to pass on to my children. A kick start to start my blog (aside from the two week vacation I am currently on) was finding out about TasteBook on 101 Cookbooks. One of my goals is to work towards putting a book together from posts I create on my blog. Also, when someone asks me what I cooked for dinner or what I've been cooking (and this happens all the time from friends and family) I can just tell them to look on my blog! I have seen so many great blogs out there and have been tremendously inspired about them I look forward to creating one of my own.

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everydayVALENTINE said...

i'm thrilled about your new blog...i look forward to trying out your recipes and trying new things. you have always inspired me to try new things i would have never even taken a second look at in the this will be fun! *laura*