Thursday, February 26, 2009

Upside Down Cobbler Update

Upside Down Cobbler

Since it's almost spring and I have begun to see rhubarb in the grocery stores, I thought I should probably use up the rest of my frozen supply from last year! I was making dinner for my husband and I, and wanted a quick dessert that could use up some of that rhubarb. I remembered back to the upside down cobbler I had posted a while ago and thought raspberry and rhubarb would make a great variation to the original I had posted. I have made a few changes to that first recipe I posted-
  • The most noticeable would be the shape, I have a long rectangular tart pan that I baked it in, I had cut the recipe in half and ended up using more fruit this time which I liked better.
  • Depending on how sweet or ripe your fruit is you could skip tossing the fruit in the sugar especially if you follow the next modification.
  • I put the fruit on top of the batter but next time I think I would try pouring the batter over the fruit so the fruit is baked into the cake a little more.
  • This a great place to use whole wheat pastry flour since it blends in nicely with the almond meal, it doesn't stand out or seem like a substitution at all.
  • Since using raspberry and rhubarb, I changed the liquor to an orange brandy.
  • In cutting the recipe in half I ended up using just the egg white with great results, next time I make a full recipe I would substitute the 1 egg for 2 whites.
  • Make sure you toast the almond meal, it really helps to bring out the flavor.
  • I finished this tart off with a thin glaze of apricot jam (heated up and thinned out with a little water) which gave it a nice sheen and a little more sweetness to the rhubarb.
With all these modifications, I could have almost written out a whole new recipe. I hope these modifications give you some inspiration to play around!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Emma-
Don't know if you'll remember me, but I found your blog off of Laura's. Anyways, your recipes look amazing and I can't wait to try them!! I'll be visiting your blog often for inspiration and ideas. Take care.

Natalie Barker (Meyers)